Lay's Stax Salted - 2oz (56.7g)

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Lay's Stax Salted - 2oz (56.7g)

Lay's STAX are the fun potato chip snack introduced by Lay's in the United States as direct competition to Pringles! Differing slightly in shape, Lay's Stax are also heavier and thicker than their British counterpart and come in lots of fun and tasty flavours, but sometimes nothing beats an original salted potato chip! That's exactly what this 2oz single-serve resealable tube of Lay's STAX offers. Great for taking on-the-go when hunger strikes!

Imported from the USA.

Please Note: We do our utmost to package our Lay's Stax in the best way  to avoid any damage to the tube, but we cannot ensure that the actual Lay's Stax crisps inside will arrive completely unbroken.

This is because there is space between the stack of Lay's Stax and the inner wall of the tube meaning when they move around in transit (from the States to a warehouse and from our shop to you), the movement will cause some of the Lay's Stax to crack or crumb, particularly at the top and bottom of the stack. If you require completely unbroken Lay's Stax for gift purposes, we recommend that you do not purchase this product. We will not refund or replace any Lay's Stax that are in the condition described above.



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