HUG Fruit Slushee Blue Raspberry 8oz (237ml)

HUG Fruit Slushee Blue Raspberry 8oz (237ml)

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HUG Fruit Slushee Blue Raspberry 8oz (237ml) Pouch

Little Hug has a 40-year heritage of providing fun drinks for kids to enjoy, and now they've extended their product range into the frozen novelty market by offering a fun and refreshing iced fruit drink for kids to enjoy this summer! The chilled slush drinks come in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and Lemonade, which are naturally flavored and made with 5% real fruit juice. Like an ice pop snack, the fruit slush drinks are packaged in eight ounce pouches that can easily be put in the freezer for chilling. Since it's possible to open the pouches and eat right out of them, the HUG Fruit Slushees are perfect for taking on the go, especially for a family excursion during the warmer weather.

Imported from the USA.